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July 18th, 2017


The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee featuring Bob Bremer with Tim Tackett

Bob Bremer was an original student of Bruce Lee at the famed Chinatown School in Los Angeles California and was fortunate to train with Lee at his home on Sundays. He was also part of the original backyard class taught by Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s assistant and protege) after Lee closed the Chinatown school and left for Hong Kong.

Since 1990 Bob has been a JKD advisor and teacher for the famed Magda Institute in Los Angeles, California where his classes and seminars were filmed. For JKD fans and serious students, this video represents an extraordinary experience of Bob’s unique explanations of techniques, strategies and lessons learned during his time training with Bruce Lee.

Tigermind Media presents


Cass Magda takes you through amazing techniques, history and philosphies of the Balisong Knife.

The Balisong knife is one of the most fascinating and feared knives in the world. Originally created and developed in the Batangas region of the Philippine archipelego, it can range in size from 2 inches to 2 feet. It is one of the most unique personal carry knives in the world today.

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