July 18th, 2017

About Guro Cass Magda

Cass Magda has been conducting seminars for over twenty five years in various cities in the US, Canada, Australia, England, Norway, Scotland, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden , Italy and Greece.

Cass Magda is one of the most respected instructors in JKD and Filipino Martial Arts in the world today. He is also a master of the art of his specialty –Indonesian Silat. He was the personal assistant and traveling training partner of the great Dan Inosanto training with him for 12 years and for 6 years touring and teaching worldwide. Respected by all the elders of the JKD family he is considered a true heir to the legacy of Bruce Lee. He has also trained in the Philippines and Holland with many Kali and Silat instructors. He now leads the Magda Institute Association which is head quartered in Los Angeles California and has branches in the United States and Europe. He has appeared in several films notably starring in Hawk’s Vengeance and has appeared on the covers of 15 magazines worldwide and has been written about and has himself written countless articles on JKD, FMA and Silat.

He is dedicated to the education, training and development of authentic Indonesian, Filipino, Thai martial arts as well as Jeet Kune Do, the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee.

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